I am having some trouble with my current project. i am querying data from mssql 2005 express with an xml output, but it cutting the query off after char 2048.

My SQL Query Is...

Code SQL:
SELECT tDataType.tDataType_ID, tDataType.tDataType_Name, tDataType.tDataType_Type, DVALUES.tDataTypeValue_ID, DVALUES.VALUE, DVALUES.DataValue, tDataType.tDataType_Required AS Required, (SELECT TOP (1) tDataTypeValue AS textvalue FROM tMemberData WHERE (tDataType.tDataType_ID = tDataType_ID) AND (tMember_ID = @memberid)) AS TextValue FROM tDataType LEFT OUTER JOIN (SELECT tDataTypeValue_ID, tDataTypeValue_Value AS VALUE, tDataType_ID AS DataID, (SELECT TOP (1) 'Selected' AS selected FROM tMemberData WHERE (tDataTypeValue.tDataType_ID = tDataType_ID) AND (tMember_ID = @memberid) AND (tDataTypeValue.tDataTypeValue_ID = tDataTypeValue_ID)) AS DataValue FROM tDataTypeValue) AS DVALUES ON DVALUES.DataID = tDataType.tDataType_ID WHERE tDataType.tAccountGroup_ID = @accountgroup ORDER BY tDataType.tDataType_Order FOR XML AUTO, ROOT('controls')

the asp.net code is
Dim sql_cd as sqlcommand(Query, Connection)
Dim ret As XmlReader
        With sql_cd
            ret = .ExecuteXmlReader
        End With
        Dim xmldoc As New XmlDocument
        'xmldoc is the output value

Could Someone please tell me why asp.net is cutting the xml query off after char 2048

Kind Regards