I made this post November of last year, but I didn't get any responses to it and now I'm faced with the issue again. Hopefully someone can explain it to me and push me in the direction to fix the problem.

In Chapter 13 of the book (pg 250), there is a great solution for displaying a tooltip when you mouseover an element. I've put this to work on an image map as follows:

<img src="imgsrc.jpg" width="400" height="284" border="0" usemap="#Map" />
 <map name="Map">
   <area shape="rect" coords="241,125,272,157" href="#" class="hastooltip" title="title text goes here">
This works just fine in all browsers, except for IE7. Seems that in IE7, while it displays the tooltip, it also still decides to display the standard browser tooltip as well, so I get this sort of "double tooltip" effect, as I'm calling it.

Can someone tell me why that is and if there are any suggestions on how to modify the book code so that IE7 doesn't display its own tooltip?