i know that simple rollover scripts are rather easily done. however, a client wants me to do something and i'm not sure if it's possible... and if it is, how difficult it would be.

if you take a look at the production site at


you'll notice in the right bar "why ____". under it will be five links. now when you hover over any of the five links, certain parts of the image (the main image in the center) will "light up." i have already broken that image down into tables and i have the "rollover" images set. so maybe when you hover over bullet 1 under 'why queotek,' the 'metrics for success/advisory services/and solutions landscape' will change images.

the changes will be different for each bullet.

on top of that, i need simple rollovers for each of those images.

is this possible? can anyone help me or point me in the right direction?
thanks a bunch