Components in Visual Studio 2022 change size and position randomly . How to fix this?

I have a form, tree view and a button. I set all sizes to be reasonably visible but when I run the C# app I find the form stretched out and part of it outside visibility !!. the treeview also enlarged and the button enlarged and change position !!

What is this problem and how to fix ?


Is this a Windows Forms or a WPF application or something else?

How? Do you do that in the properties box or in code or some other way?

It is a windows forms app. I was testing third party components and it seems it is the problem because when I test using only components from Microsoft I did not get this behavior .

I set the size and position of the components during design time but at run time I see something else.

That is too vague. That does not answer the question of how you set the size.

drag and use the control handles in the form. I uninstalled that 3rd party components and now I can see the problem was solved !