Unable to send email out but can receive in CWP (Centos Web Panel)

Pls forgive my english… I am running CWP on Centos 7. The new email, account that can’t send out message but can receive, was created on the primary CWP7 panel domain account: the error that I get is below screenshot


What can be the cause likely

You need to set up SPF and/or DKIM or many email provider won’t accept your mail.
Follow the link in the error message to get info on how to do that.

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Okay. I suspected it. let me read it

It worked after i added SPF and DKIM


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Email spoofing has become such a big problem that email providers won’t accept mail unless it can verify where it came from.
So these days setting up SPF and DKIM is a necessary step when you want to send mail addressed from your domain.