React or Vue, what is your choice of framework for front-end development?

ReactJS and VueJS, both are built on JavaScript and rely on JSX for programming purposes. Vue is fairly easy to learn but React is also convenient if we know JS beforehand. Both offer good components and improve scalability.

But as developers, which one do you prefer better? I would like to know.

I think they are both fine and you could go either way as a matter of preference. However, if you are wanting a skill that is widely in demand and used by a big set of companies, React is still the library to go with. Just look at the market and you will see about 3 times as many react jobs as Vue.

But it is really what you find fits your way of thinking. I don’t have much experience with Vue so go with React myself.

And if you look deeper you will find 3 times more usage of Angular then React….

At the end it’s a question of what you like. I personally prefer to do it in vanilla JS. Angular, React and all other Frameworks are so slow in performance that I can’t accept them for myself.