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    Exclamation Building A Computer

    I am building a computer and the motherboard does not have built in graphics. I bought a 32mb graphics card for the AGP slot and installed it. I turned on the computer and the monitor did not display anything? What is going wrong?
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    Doesn't display anything is a little too vague.

    Does the power come on and you get beeps? If so, how many. Four or Eight beeps usually means video card not seated or bad video card.

    Does it not come on at all?

    Give me every detail you can think of. All the cables connected? Keyboard/Mouse .. Hard drives etc?

    Did you just build this from scratch? Need every detail.

    If you built if from scratch, here are a number of problems you could be having.

    1. IDE cables on backwards - won't boot (no beeps)
    2. Floppy power off by one pin - won't boot (no beeps)
    3. Motherboard grounded out - won't boot (no beeps)
    4. Video card not seated - won't boot (should beep)
    5. Memory or Processor not seated - won't boot (should beep)

    Just some ideas for the limited details.
    Chrispian H. Burks
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    Make sure the Video Card is seated properly(Hold the Release level for the AGP slot while installing to insure proper install. If you receive beeps and the Monitor doesnt show you have not installed it fully try again, if still nothing, return.
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