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    Tools to understand search volume for particular phrases?

    Hi all-

    I'm trying to find a tool that allows me to compare particular phrases for search volume on a particularly granular level.

    For example, which of the following gets more searches on a monthly basis:

    1. Programming Jobs in Seattle
    2. Seattle Programming Jobs

    My goal here is to structure some link text based on the searches... I've found (through a bit of testing) that the order of the words is important... That is, link text that says "sun and moon" will perform better for searches for "sun and moon" than for searches for "moon and sun".

    Anyhoo, does anyone know of any tools that would allow this level of granularity? Overture and Google's keyword tools don't do the trick, Google trends doesn't have enough data, etc.

    Thanks in advance!

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    By the way, I tried your queries in WebCEO but it returned less than 10 queries a day. Mean they also dont have much data about these terms.

    And yes, you are right -- order of words is important. But in your specific case competetion for both terms is extremly low, you can do well in SEs if you get only a few links for each term, If you are researching these terms for SEO purpose.

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    You've discovered the eternal question.

    Certainly for a large number of sites, they will benefit and may even require some form of geo location reference to compete and to be relevant.

    But what do you use:

    city keyword phrase
    keyword phrase city
    city state keyword phrase
    keyword phrase state city

    Finding enough search data can be challenging, or nearly impossible if your location of choice is not a major metro area or popular and in demand.

    Like most things in SEO, you may have to do some investigative research and make some educated guesses.

    - don't try your searches in Overture... it will more than likely give you adjusted word order and consolidated results, you what you see may not be what is being searched for

    - try your searches in Wordtracker or Keyword Discovery and hope that their larger databases have enough data to help

    - take your best guess, but try to optimize the page for both variations, without doing it in a spammy way

    - pick one and monitor your traffic for awhile, then switch... of course other variables could come into play, especially this time of year with the seasonality of job hiring and searches

    - research more general searches and extrapolate... look for searches that might have more data, broader searches, for the Seattle area or other major metro areas... seattle jobs, jobs seattle, seattle homes for sale, apartments seattle, manhattan, chicago, los angeles variations of these, etc. and note whether there seems to be a greater use on the front half or the back half.

    You also might consider the searcher and the type of search. Someone less familiar with the web or the scope of the search might first search for "programming jobs." Then when they see that it brings in too many results or results from all over the place, then you have to ponder the likelihood that they will simply append seattle to the previous search. Versus an educated audience who probably searches initially with the location as part of the search... of course, it is still a guess with to begin or end the query with the location.

    But that's part of the fun of SEO
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