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    Scripts to show yahoo search,yahoo images,yahoo answers results in my website format

    I want to build a search site which show results from yahoo search results, yahoo images, yahoo answers, wikipedia, wikitionary and results at once. For example, if the user type "sitepoint" in the search box and then hit enter for search. The search results will show yahoo search results,yahoo images search results, yahoo answers, wikipedia, wikitionary and related to "sitepoint" search results at once in the same pages, and maybe limits only 5 top search results from each search engine to display . For example: quite like alltheweb dot com. I've a sample website which is exactly doing this, but maybe it would not appropriate to post here.

    I want open-source or paid php script which able to do this. Or PM me for more details if you interested in my project, I may want someone to help in this project since I'm not quite good in php.

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