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    a register style script

    I need to create a register script using php and mysql.

    This will be for people to log in and either say yes or no to whether they register for the event.

    I am guessing the best way is to have 3 tables.

    1 for users, 1 for events and 1 that joints the 2 events plus the answer.

    But I am not sure how you would code for it.

    I can get the data in to the final table but I don't know how to read the data out of it in a usable format.

    For example, If I select an event, I would want a list of all the people who have responded and their answers.

    I have never done anything using multiple tables, so I am a bit lost.

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    Select the names of all users that have registered for event #3:
    FROM users
    INNER JOIN users_events ON users_events.user_id =
    INNER JOIN events ON users_events.event_id =
    WHERE = 3


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