I'm building the page(I haven't prepare it for IE yet). I decided to serving it as application/xhtml+xml if its possible, so on the begining of the document I use php script to detect HTTP_ACCEPT. When it's displayind as xml application in JavaScript code I can't use method like innerHTML, so I decided to change script for methods, both compatible with XHTML1.0 and JavaScript.

And what is strange, There is no problem with the script under Safari1.0 and Netscape 7 for Mac,(I've no IE - the 5.2 for Mac has so many bugs that I don't use it at all), but there are problem under Opera 9 for Mac. In the Opera console, there are no errors about script but it doesn't work.

Please take a look and give me any suggestions.

The page is here:
The array used in the script is in the source of index page,
And here is the script: