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    Ideas for selling/increasing service value

    Hello. I wanted to pick your brains to see if anyone can help me (and others) with some creative idea on increasing the value of a service that I provide. Let's say I run the website for and take a small fee for (providing a store and taking orders for events). The goal of what I'd like to accomplish is to help the client forget about the fee we charge because the value of the entire service package is so great. We've had some ideas like gathering customer emails into a database so the client can market back to customers, cut their marketing cost, etc. and also helping to sell sponsorships on the store so the client is less concerned about the fee paid to us. All of this is provided free as part of the overall package.

    If anyone can help with ideas to increase value of a web-based service like I've described I would appreciate it. Anything to do with increasing the value (no matter how difficult or strange) I'd appreciate it.

    I'm hoping that this might help others that provide similar services too.

    Thanks in advance for your time.

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    I am planning to do the following on some future projects.

    Provide the client with 4 vouchers for system audits that he can request anytime in the next two years. The cost of this audits is charged upfront and built into the price of the initial system. I think this will create extra value both for us and how the client feels about the product.

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