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    Time Frame for a Web Design?

    Hey Guys,

    Lately I've been getting hammered with projects for clients. I try my best to complete a web design in 3-5 days, but now I'm starting to realize that when I have 10 clients at a time that's not going to be possible. What kind of time frame would you suggest that won't scare the clients away when they ask? I was thinking maybe 10 business days?

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    Lucky you having 10 on the go simultaneously

    There's a number of factors you can look at...

    1. Has each client got any deadlines you need to work to?
    2. Have you got all the necessary copy text, images and other data from them before you start work?
    3. Do you manage your time effectively?

    I often find that clients don't always provide copy text etc on time and I come to a halt with their sites, this gives me a chance to work on other sites in the meantime.

    I suppose working on a first come first served basis would be fair here, so long as you can estimate how long each job will take you, you can schedule them all in based on your workload. If you keep a track of your workload it always pays to be up front with you clients so they know where they stand, and always allow a bit of extra time should you run into problems.

    I usually give my clients a time frame when I will work on their site and always advise them that if they don't provide info and feedback in a timely manner then their project will start to get delayed. I've never had a complaint yet even when they have been late!

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    You'll soon find that it's not just your personal time limitations that cause the project delays. I usually say one month for regular static sites, because I'm working on numerous projects at a time and because you have to get constant feedback from the client. Sure you could design and code a whole site in one week, but not if you couldn't get the client to approve the design or provide content.

    I think one month works pretty well for me, and sometimes we beat the deadline which is really nice and makes us look good.


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