Okay, this is a newbie question, but I need to ask it.

I have built a site that I want to add a customizable section to that will allow visitors to select features to turn on or off. I have quite a few options as far as how to actually do this, since my web server supports a ton of methods.

I was thinking that I can either do this via cookies or via a login/database setup. Down side of trying to get all this going: (a) I have absolutely *no* cookie experience, and (b) I need to have all this together and working within the next week or so. Fortunately for me, I am the *entirety* of the "IT Department", so if I don't get it done, I don't stand the risk of loosing my job... I just put a static filler in that I've already designed and keep plugging away at it.

What I'm looking for is suggestions or tutorials on how to get a user customizable "quick news, weather, stocks, and sports" information page up. I've found one that utilizes PHP. I'm using Cold Fusion for the other dynamic content on my site, so if I could get it to work in that, I'd be tickled pink!

Hatton Humphrey