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    views looking messy, is there a better way?

    Couple of questions:

    Which direction do you choose?
    output buffering or concat $page var (all views return a string)?

    I choose the concat method, however, it's hard on the eyes: I didn't notice until i worked with a non programmer. [designer]
    PHP Code:
    $this->html.='<p class="more">'.
    '<a href="/rss" title="Click here to see an XML representation of the content of this weblog."><img src="'.EnumArticleConstants::$path.'themes/'.$this->theme.'/img/xml-summaries.gif" alt="Click here to see an XML representation of the content of this weblog." /></a> '.
    I took a look at smarty template engine, however i never implemented it as I felt the learning curve for the designer would be as much as picking up basic semantics for php. (also php has incredible documentation and is easy to learn)

    so I tried to recreate the crash course in php.. I'll like to get feedback on this if possible ...its attached. [i'll like to take a look at some advanced smarty template files to c if i can recreate them using what i've created]

    I used a registry to register my transfer object in case the data access and view were not sequential. meaning data access was called a lot earlier than the view. This has a negative effect in that i can't reuse templates since the view asks the registery for a specific transfer object. [example 1]

    are data access and view ever that seperated?

    Example 2 shows a template the doesn't explicitely request the transfer object.. but expects for the object to exist in the same scope. [require instead of require_once]

    How many use the method described on page 282 of harry's volume 2 book? Does anyone know what this method is called? dao? it does create a transfer object.

    Is that what the example attempts? (without the business object)?

    i plan to refactor a lot of my views this summer as i feel the views have become bloated. Take a look at my biggest view. How can i redesign using view helpers?
    - one of my ideas in refactoring is to implement view helpers as described in core j2ee patterns by alur..
    anyone with any advice?

    lastly does anyone use composite controllers?
    are composite controllers the same as chain of responsiblity
    my thoughts are to have all my applications have a controller.. and in the __constructors add specific controllers for that domain.
    CalendarController, AuthenticationController, ArticleController

    anyone with any advice?
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