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    Question frameset css background doesn't fit when scrolling


    I'm working on a site and i needed to use a frameset for the top menu to always display. Now I'm using the same fixed centered background in the topframe and mainframe. The mainframe needs to be scrollable, but the thing is that the scrollbars takes some space and moves the centered background out of it's position, verry anoying. Does anyone know a solution to fix this or a better alternative solution?

    This is the frameset code:

    <frameset rows="180,*" cols="*" framespacing="0" frameborder="no" border="0">
      <frame src="topframe.asp" name="topFrame" frameborder="no" scrolling="no" noresize="noresize" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" id="topFrame" title="topFrame" />
      <frame src="default.asp" name="mainFrame" frameborder="no" scrolling="auto" noresize="noresize" marginwidth="0" marginheight="0" id="mainFrame" title="mainFrame" />
    The CSS i'm using for the fixed background in both frames:

    <style type="text/css">
    body {
      background-image: url(images/interface/back_base.jpg);
      margin-left: 0px;
      margin-top: 0px;
      margin-right: 0px;
      margin-bottom: 0px;
      background-position: center top;
      background-attachment: fixed;
    I'm not a fan for using framesets, but I needed it cause a Flash sound needs to be in de menu all the time and not start from the beginning when a new page is loaded.

    I attached a screenshot, so you can see the error

    gr, Tom
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