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    I am updating many of the articles I've written in the past two years. That said, I'd love to know what elist companies - free or pay for- that users of this forum have used that are simple - for beginners - that I might have left off my article. Below the current version of my article.

    And... if you're looking to start an ezine, this is a valuable resources too!

    Ezine List Choices
    by Maria Marsala

    Summary: Everyone has a choice on how their ezine is produced. Below are a few examples of ways and companies that provide elist services.

    Below are different ways you can send out your ezine.

    Use the BCC (blind carbon copy) area of your email program. By using this feature, no one will see who your subscribers are and therefore won't be able to spam them if they hit "reply all" to your ezine.

    Check with your domain name and ISP. Many times they offer a free or low cost mailing list service.

    Use one of the free services to keep your elist members confidential. "free" meaning there is an ad either at the top or bottom of each note you send out.
    Topica Their ad is on the bottom and is about their company. Very basic services. This is my first choice for newsletters.
    Yahoo Groups This service has the most amount of communitiy building tools. You can get the ad removed for $50 per year, which is worth the price
    Smart Groups This is a newer service, very basic, no anoying ad's on top. This service does have a calendar which you can use for reminders to yourself or to the group.
    Bravenet This site provides so many options, for so free many web based services to try, I'll have to write an article just on them!
    Cool List Newer list program. Ad is on the bottom. Very basic service.

    Paid Services
    There are companies whose specialties involve ezines. WebValance List Universe Spark You can also view this comparison of ezine service companies

    NOTE: Make sure the company you choose allows YOU to download the email address of subscribers as you choose. This is a precaution for you to take in case the company you choose ends up out of business. Download your list at least monthly.

    2000-2001 Maria Marsala, Business and Life Coach & Consultant
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