First of all, it is late Friday afternoon which is part of the problem

I am trying to display a datafield that is a decimal number in mySQL thru ASP. The numbers after the decimal point do not display (i.e. 5.75 appears as 5.00). The second problem I am encountering is that if there is more than one record, assigning a variable to add the records for a total.

I have tried some ASP conversions (CInt and FormatNumber for example) with no luck but I admit I am not very knowledgeable in doing that.

Here is the sql statement for getting the info:

Set RSOrderItems = db.Execute("Select OrderID, StockID, ProductName, ProductWeight, SalePrice From a_table Where CustomerID = " & thisID &"")

Here is ASP for displaying and adding the weight. The Price data is displaying and adding together with no problem.

   'OrderWeight = FormatNumber(OrderWeight,2)
      Do Until RSOrderItems.EOF
                           <TD WIDTH=500><%= RSOrderItems("ProductName") %>
                            <TD WIDTH=100>
         <% Response.Write FormatCurrency(RSOrderItems("SalePrice"),2) %>
        <TD WIDTH=100>
         <% Response.Write FormatNumber(RSOrderItems("ProductWeight"),2) %>
           OrderTotal = OrderTotal + RSOrderItems("SalePrice")
       '    OrderWeight = OrderWeight + RSOrderItems("ProductWeight")
Another problem I can some coming is entering the weight as a decimal into the mySQL database via ASP admin. Any suggestions on that is greatly welcomed as well.