My site requires registration to post. During the registration process an email is sent to the email address provided to verify the address. Contained in the mail is a return link containing a random hash and the email address in the return url.

It appears from the reports I've recived back that AOL users are unable to confirm their accounts via this email.

I am led to believe that I need to include the a href tag for them to click, but have no idea how to ammend the code to include the a href tag around the url.

Can anyone assist with how to programme this to enable AOL users to confirm their account?

I have included the current code so that anyone able to help may edit it to give me the coding I need.
function user_send_confirm_email($email,$hash) {


Used in the initial registration function

as well as the change email address function


$message = "Thank You For Registering at HolidayTruths".

"\nSimply follow this link to confirm your registration: ".

"\n\n$hash&email=". urlencode($email).

"\n\nOnce you confirm, you can use the services on HolidayTruths.";

mail ($email,'HolidayTruths Registration Confirmation',$message,'From:');

Thanks to anyone who can assist.