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    database size vs server load

    I'm having a few problems with my webserver, so I just want to verify this : Does the size of a big mysql database have any effect on the overal performance of a server ?

    Currently my db is 1.4 gig big and my server is really working slow with a normal number of visitors. Only at quiet moments is everything loading fast. A few weeks ago it was only 0.9 gig and there were no problems at all, even with high number of visitors everything loaded well enough. Is this co´ncidence or not ?

    Also : if size does matter here , are the 'active' databases the ones that determine the limit, or all mysql databases that are located on the server ? I have some backup db's there too, also 1.4 gig big each... and if you count them all together, it becomes quiet a bit.

    (server : intel dual xeon 2.4 GHz, 1 gig ram, debian)

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    I am sure we have some expert dba's who can address this in granular specifics. I defer to a dba in my own practice as I know enough to be dangerous even after using relational dbs for a decade. However - some starting points are below. And if you want one of the authorities on MySQL - read a book by Jeremy Zawodny.

    More important is the architecture of the database. Thus - the way you have constructed tables, indexing you use to tune the database and also the base configuration through max_connections, error handling and other issues come into play to manage database size.

    Central to this may be moving your mysql database to a separate server - which controls load as it does not have to handle double duty by also serving up web content by way of Apache, Tomcat or other.

    You may want to read some on this:

    Also - and maybe first - spend some time in the MySQL manual ( and review using innodb tables as well as some of the tuning and admin techniques they recommend.
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