Last week I redesigned my site and used CSS instead of regular font tags. My site is www.pulsorock.com and here is a screenshot of the way is intended to be seen

Just about a few minutes ago a friend of mine send me this screen shot

telling that was the way he saw the page. Which it looks ugly and it messes all the site. I told him to visit another page I knew it used CSS (www.zonai.com) and it look fine on his PC, but for some reason my site doesn't appear right on his PC.

Here is the CSS file for my site http://www.pulsorock.com/pulsorock.css which it looks bad on my friend PC
Here is the CSS file that looks fine on my friend PC http://www.zonai.com/zonai_style.css

I'm not sure if has something to do with my CSS or is something from his browser, but I don't understand why he sees mine bad and the other site that also uses CSS he see it right?

Please anyone help me on this

and how can I make sure everyone see my site the right way? I try my site locally on IE5 and Netscape 4.7 and in both looks fine.

Guillermo Carrion