Have worked on a bravenet.com html/css script set for days. Initially the problem appeared to be that the right edge got cut off. By decreasing the wrapper, horizontal link sizes, as well as reducing/removing some of the padding, it looks as if that problem is solved, at least on my machine. However, on other machines the right edge is still cut off. Further, even when the right edge is not cut off, the horizontal link bar is not flush right.

Does this have to do with different browsers and/or screen resolutions (I use IE 6 and 1280X11024). If so, can it be resolved with tweaking the html and css (linked below)?

Additionally, the item "cool links" at the top of the sidebar appears on the printout but not on-screen.

Here's a handcoding novice requesting help from you out there, in order that I can get this site up and running.

URL: http://www.cbnrm.net/webhosting/tft/index.html
CSS: http://www.cbnrm.net/webhosting/tft/styles/tft_02.css