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    Is it possible to do this with css only?

    Hello everyone,

    I am currently working on a setlist archive project.

    The thing is, I'd like to have everything in CSS only. Just because it's a lot of fun working with CSS (not that I know much about it lol).
    Anyway, my current task is to create an audioguide, a video guide, and a setlist guide/archive. I'd like to do this with only using CSS.

    I realise that, for this task I need to create a template. However, my problem is what to do? I need boxes I assume. Boxes that simulate tables, columns, rows?

    Here is an example of what I am doing:

    So, basically I am looking for means to save myself work with the help of css. Maybe with div tags or something.

    Is it possible to create a predefined template that allows me to just enter the data for a certain show without having to constantly enter the following over and over?

    1 Row with 4 columns and the following terms defined once in row 1.
    Column 1 = Date
    Column 2 = Venue
    Column 3 = Location
    Column 4 = Source

    So basically when I use said template, it would automatically have those definitions in there including the data I entered for each column?

    Is such a thing possible with a div tag maybe?

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    This is tabular data, why not use a table?

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    Quote Originally Posted by vigo
    This is tabular data, why not use a table?
    Exactly. That's what tables are there for. Don't lose track of the forest because of the trees. You're so keen of using CSS and ditching tables that you've probably forgotten what they're for: tabular data!


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