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    Being new with JAVA - I need some assistance with a JAVA openPopWin.
    I have multiple links (text) on one page, that I need to open in a new popup window. I have the script for one, but how do I add the others?
    Below is the script that I am using in the header:

    <SCRIPT Language="JavaScript">
    var popWin = null // use this when referring to pop-up window
    var winCount = 0
    var winName = "popWin"
    function openPopWin(winURL, winWidth, winHeight, winFeatures, winLeft, winTop){
    var d_winLeft = 20 // default, pixels from screen left to window left
    var d_winTop = 20 // default, pixels from screen top to window top
    winName = "popWin" + winCount++ //unique name for each pop-up window
    closePopWin() // close any previously opened pop-up window
    if (openPopWin.arguments.length >= 4) // any additional features?
    winFeatures = "," + winFeatures
    winFeatures = ""
    if (openPopWin.arguments.length == 6) // location specified
    winFeatures += getLocation(winWidth, winHeight, winLeft, winTop)
    winFeatures += getLocation(winWidth, winHeight, d_winLeft, d_winTop)
    popWin =, winName, "width=" + winWidth
    + ",height=" + winHeight + winFeatures)
    function closePopWin(){ // close pop-up window if it is open
    if (navigator.appName != "Microsoft Internet Explorer"
    || parseInt(navigator.appVersion) >=4) //do not close if early IE
    if(popWin != null) if(!popWin.closed) popWin.close()
    function getLocation(winWidth, winHeight, winLeft, winTop){
    return ""

    And this is the link:
    JavaScript:openPopWin("asp.html", 310, 275, "scrollbars,resizable", 20, 20)

    Can anyone help me out here?


    <<Admin edit : smilies switched off by BC to retain original code>>
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    Correction : this is JavaScript, which is very different from Java. I've edited your thread title to reflect this.

    The vital line is this :

    JavaScript:openPopWin("asp.html", 310, 275, "scrollbars,resizable", 20, 20)
    All the JavaScript code is fine; however you should replicate this link wherever you need to open this new pop-up window and replace the asp.html with the page you are opening up.

    That should fix it.
    Last edited by BC; Mar 2, 2001 at 19:06.
    My 2 Cents (or is that 2.2 Cents including GST?)


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