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    resize column script not working Netscape


    I have a site that uses a resize javascript to get the left column to match the length of the right column. This works and looks fine when viewed in IE, but not in Netscape.

    The page can be viewed here:

    The Style sheets are at:

    Also, does height not work for Netscape? I thought maybe I could make the div a specified height as a last resort (although this isn't the best solution for the dynamic pages that will change in length).

    Any ideas?



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    If you take out the height 100% as follows then the columns will equalise in firefox so I assume netscape will follow.
    #jetskier{float:left; margin-left:71px; margin-top:20px;}
    When you specify 100% height then in mozilla browsers thats all you will get (as long as the parent has height defined also).

    If the element is greater than 100% height then the content will overflow which is what has happened to your submit buttons etc.

    You can declare a min-height of 100% for mozilla browsers etc and then declare a 100% height for IE which has to be hidden from the other browsers (use the star selector hack). Be careful with 100% height as some browsers will take 100% as the full window size even if the element starts half way down the page.

    If you look at my 3 col thread (stickied at the top of the threads) theres a good explanation of 100% height and how it works.

    You might also be interested in any of the 2 column layouts there that don't require javascript. I'm not sure why you have used js anyway as you have used a bg gif for the left column anyway and it would be a simple matter to wrap both columns in a container and achieve equalising columns very simply. (There is an example of a bg image 2 col layout on the demo I mentioned above).

    Hope that helps anyway



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