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    HTML forms - industries

    To Admin: OK, this is not actually an HTML issue but was experiences while tring to setup an HTML form! So not sure what catergory to pit it in, sorry.

    To all:
    I am putting up a questionnaire on my website and have "industry" as one of the questions. I.e. What industr they are in. I want a drop down list, however I can't find a decent list of industries.

    I have looked at the SIC "standard industrial classification" both the UK and the US systems but neither seem to be very helpfull. Really I just want a list of 40 or so different industries. I assume lots of other people have needed to do this, so after spending aguess on google, I tried looking through here without much luck, hense the post.

    Clearly it being in HTML form type would be great, but simply a list would be ok, can also make a macro to do it, and can then put the HTML here for all to use.

    Take care,

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    Just go to a job site and get the list from there. I dont see any copyright infrigment in doing that


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