<copyright nebiyu 2000, you take my birthday code and i will be forced to send the FBI's Carnivore on you!lol>

I know its slightly early, about 45minutes before the 7th which is her birthday but I wanted to be the first
you know what they say
the early bird catches the worm or um something like that
</end prolouge>

<begin message>
Happy Birthday Sherice AKA Sparkie
Even though I;m new to SPF I notice you are one of those knowledgable people always willing to go out of your way to help people out. And you seem to have all you bases covered heh. So everyone lets wish Sparkie a wonderful and happy birthday, and maybe um a birthday song?lol corny yes I AM!
</begin message>

<begin song src="song.html" border="0" width="erm no clue">
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday Dear Sherice(Sparkie),
Happy Birthday To You,
</end song><br>

<begin secondary song onLoad="erm ayaya this xml thing is hard!">
How Old are you now?(50!)
How old are you now?(10!)
How old are you nowwwww,,,
How old are you now????
</end secondary song>

<!-- Yes I know this is a long post but I think she deserves it heheh -->

alrite sherice now make a wish and take a deep breath
now blow out all the candles and yer wish will come true(although wishing for elledan to get rid of HIS(notice i said his and not hers), unix manual wont come true, its an impossible wish heheheh)

um ok i guess thats all i have to sya lol happy birthday again sparkie

im out......lol this has been too hilarious for me.....