I've got the following script in a page. The objective is to have a routine putButton() that will put a simple button with mouseover on the page. There are three types of button: a 'go to the top of the page', and depending on whether the page is in a specific frameset or its own window, 'back' or 'close'.

The script works perfectly except for the mouseover. It gives me the message 'document.all[...] is null or not an object'. I've put a test statement in the mouseover function which shows that the unique name isn't being passed correctly to the mouseover function. I've simplified it as far as I can (originally there was only one document.write, but I put it in each 'if' branch to see if I could isolate what was wrong). The correct image is displayed on the page - only the mouseover image is not working.

The page is for a corporate intranet so I can't put the whole page on the web. If you need more just ask.

<script language="Javascript">
var imgName
var overimgName
var imgId
var which
function putButton(imgId) {
// receive unique name for each image
imgName="" //reset
overimgName="" //reset

if (imgId=="top") {
document.write("<a href='#top' onMouseOver='change(1)' onMouseOut='change(0)'><img src='" + imgName + "' id='" + imgId + "' border='0' alt='Go to the top of the page.' /></a>")
else {
if (window.name=="training"){
// in frameset so display back button
document.write("<a href='javascript:history.go(-1)' onMouseOver='change(1)' onMouseOut='change(0)'><img src='" + imgName + "' id='" + imgId + "' border='0' alt='Back to previous screen.' /></a>")
else {
// not in frameset so display close button
document.write("<a href='window.close()' onMouseOver='change(1)' onMouseOut='change(0)'><img src='" + imgName + "' id='" + imgId + "' border='0' alt='Close this window.' /></a>")
} //end else
} // end else

}// end fn

function change(toggle){
//alert(imgId) //test
if (toggle==1) {
else {

In the page itself we have, for example, <script language="Javascript">putButton('back1')</script>.

It's obviously a syntax error - maybe because the mouseover instruction is coming before the image Id has been written to the page? Previously I had two parameters being passed to the change() function - the toggle number and imgId, but that didn't work either.

Any suggestions welcome.