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    JS Guru Required 4 Cascading Menu Q


    I have been putting together a DHTML menu that is the basis of a menu designed to go to a, potentially, infinite number of levels. I have a fully working copy (attached file: menu1.html), and you can see pretty much how I intend for it to work, but it has one fatal flaw. The problem with layers rendering under a select box. This is self evident when you look at the file.

    When I originally wrote this I was aware of this problem but I basically forged ahead thinking I could replace the menu divs with iframes and be able to circumvent the problem quickly. Seems that that assumption was incorrect. I now have a problem on the second level of the menu, where the script cannot find either the next iframe, or the layer contained within the current iframe, I'm not sure exactly which.

    The file with the iframes is attached as "menu2.html" The iframes have a file in the src attribute, which is just for css formatting. It too is attached as "style.html".

    Any help is greatly appreciated on this. I've looked at it for some time, I suspect the solution is right under my nose but I just can't see it!

    Anyway, thx in advance.
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