I created a template in HTML-Kit tonight, and it saved and everything, but when I opened a new document based on my template, the entire new document was editable. That's not what I want.

What I want to do is the same thing that Dreamweaver has always allowed me to do -- create templates that have "editable areas," while leaving the rest of the page "locked."

And then, whenever I make a change to a template, all the pages that are based on that template should automatically update with the changes.

To be honest, I would still be using DW4 to create my templates except that, no matter what I do, all of my DW4's template menu options are always greyed out, preventing me from creating new templates, or even adding editable areas to existing templates, so I'm giving up on DW4.

Can HTML-Kit create templates like DW4 does? If so, how do I make HTML-Kit create them?

I read through some of HTML-Kit's documentation and tutorials, but couldn't find any answers, so I figure it must be either something really easy that I didn't figure out, or it's something that HTML-Kit cannot do.