I have a parent and child file pair. (ie. one "item" record in the parent file has many "event" records in the child file)

I deleted and recreated the parent file (in order to change a field definition or two) and also added a couple of test records to it.

NOW ... even though I have deleted and recreated the child file, I get the following errors in phpMyAdmin when trying to:-
(a) insert records, or
(b) perform "Operations"

The following shows the error messages, occuring in the "Table maintenance" section of the "Operations" window.

* Table maintenance
o Check table [Documentation]
o Flush the table ("FLUSH") [Documentation]
Notice: Undefined index: ref_table_name in C:\......\phpMyAdmin-2.5.2-rc2\libraries\relation.lib.php on line 329

Notice: Undefined index: ref_index_list in C:\.......\phpMyAdmin-2.5.2-rc2\libraries\relation.lib.php on line 330

o Check referential integrity:

Anybody know how to repair/fix this???