I'm an editorial cartoonist, and I want to build a dynamic system to manage my site. The only things, really, that would be delivered by the management system to the html pages would be my cartoon JPEG files and index.html page content.

Specifically, I want to be able to have a hidden form on my website that allows me to upload a cartoon file and it's date, caption, and keywords. Once that file is loaded, if anyone goes to view the most recent cartoon, that file will be delivered in the proper html format. Also, I'm looking for the ability to implement a cartoon archive search based on keywords associated with cartoons. My host does not support Cold Fusion, so it would have to be with PHP of ASP.

If anyone has any advice or is willing to help, please respond. Thanks!

If you want to see my site, it's www.beelertoons.com. You can see how rudimentary a setup I have now.