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    Introducing XUL - The ?Net?s Biggest Secret: Part 1

    I've been eager to get started with XUL ever since I knew of it's existance (about a year ago). Nice to see some articles here on sitepoint!

    I'm fairly aquainted with css, xml, javascript and php, so there shouldn't be a problem, I thought. But then again, I still can't seem to get the real hang of it.

    What approaches do I have to interact with PHP (databases, xml parsing etc). RDF seems one valid option, but XML-RPC seems the most flexible way to interact. Of coarse I could generate XUL from PHP (as XML/XUL OOP widtgets?) other words, it's hard to make a decision...

    I've tried the Javascript/DHTML approach. It works, but I got stuck when I realized I could be compromising the stability of it all, when things got more complex. It's OK, it just doesn't feel solid.

    Another thing I've noticed is that it seems like Mozilla >1.2 broke some XUL support on OS X. A lot of examples and tests simply won't work. Maybe someone can confirm that (couldn't find it on mozbugs).

    Also, if someone is interested in exploring XUL in a cms type environment (common approaches to widgets, edits etc) I would be more than excited to start some collaboration here...

    > fab
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