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    Backupping Invision board and moving it to another server

    Hey peepz,

    I've recently come across a REALLY annoying problem...

    About a month ago, I had to re-install my Invision board software cuz of an error (which was easy to fix and not re-occuring, so don't worry :P), and when I tried to upload the dump-file Invision created, I get all kinds of errors from phpmyadmin.

    It's either wrong syntax or timed out or crumbling to the ground completely.

    So I figure it was Invision's backup feature which was bogus. So NEXT time, I was gonna use a phpmyadmin dump file.

    Hence, I bought a 2nd virtual hosting account at Myrmid (there was a topic about that here), and decided to move my forums from VO to myrmid.

    Moving the files was ez.
    But once I wanted to upload the dump files I created with phpmyadmin, it timed out, gave all kinds of errors, or says the syntax is wrong...

    I basically expected this to happen, so I made about 8 dump files and got all but 2 tables (the post and templates table) moved.

    How annoying...

    Is there any SSH/telnet way to do this?
    I feel like I just..
    Need to...
    Do things myself :P.

    I know how to work with dumps in shell, but only the basics, so could someone explain some some to me, or show me around?

    Already thanks!

    ** Kicks his phpmyadmin cuz it just won't work like it's supposed to, while his forums are down (snirf, jsut when they got pretty active!) ***
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    You can use SSH to import the .sql file:

    $ mysql database_name -p < file.sql

    You can also do mysql dumps from the command line:

    $ mysqldump --opt -v database_name > file.sql


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