You and Zany: The Alphabet of Web Business

Miles Burke

It has taken a number of months, however here we are at the final installment of the Alphabet for Web Business series. I trust these final two letters will invoke some further thought or inspiration …

Y is for You

When I started my business, I did it for me. I didn’t do it for my employees (I had none at the time), I didn’t do it for the clients or the suppliers I now deal with. The whole reason I started in business was for my own personal motivations.

That’s the most common reason any business founder starts their business. However, how many of us actually achieve what we originally wanted out of our businesses?

Cast your mind back to when you started – was it flexible time, was it the power of autonomy or the lack of accountability to another manager?

How have you fared? Have you embraced what you’ve set out for? Have your goals changed?

Take time starting right now, and change your business life to start embracing he very reason you went into business – I guarantee you’ll be pleased you did!

Z is for Zany

I see a lot of web business websites. It’s something I often research. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

You know something?

I’m continually amazed at how boring most of them are.

A large percentage of web company websites I see show the usual flowcharts, the lists of features and contact details. Some of them have fantastic portfolios and really interesting services or product offerings.

Wages and X-Ray

Systems, Time, Upselling & Value

Quoting and Rates

Opportunity and Profit

Accessibility to Need

They still come across as boring, though – there’s a common reason too. They have no personality.

If we look at all the leaders of other industries, it’s often found the ones that show personality, a little crazy innovation, that stand out from the pack. Next time you are looking at your own marketing, think zany – maybe you can be full of personality and successful too!