Quoting and Rates – The Alphabet of Web Business

Miles Burke

We’re nearly at the end of the Alphabet for Web Business series, I hope you’ve enjoyed the snippets of wisdom and sparks of thought. Here are two more to encourage you further…

Q is for Quoting

An important part of the sales process is preparing a document to say what you’ll be doing, what the result will be, and how much it will cost. Typically called a Quote or Proposal, this document shouldn’t be taken lightly.

The quote you send says a lot about you; how you’ve interpreted the brief, and what process you will undertake. Ideally, a quote should also clarify any questions, and leave nothing vague. This helps protect both parties from misunderstandings.

If you’re not already, start including what is not covered, as well as any impacts of scope creep or changes. This helps protect you from working for free, and ensures the client is clear from the outset what is involved.

Take time to spell check and be as professional as possible; it really does reflect in how you’ll be perceived.

R is for Rates

When was the last time you reviewed your rates? I’ve been guilty before of not considering what I should be charging for a massive three years before. When I did review. I realized I was just about losing money, given how costs had improved over time.

Make sure you reassess your rates at least every year – take a look at what others are charging, and any costs you have, and consider upping your rates, even if it is a few percent.

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