Ralph Mason, Sep 11

4 Simple Things to Remember about Apostrophes

Ralph reviews the main uses of apostrophes in writing, covering possession and missing letters, it's vs its, and apostrophes with verbs and plural nouns.
Aaron Lasseigne, Sep 10

Happy Ending: An Epic Saga of Guard and Docker

Aaron Lasseigne tells a tale of Rails, Rspec, Guard, and Docker. It's an epic saga that has a happy ending, where tests run free in Container Kingdom.
Abder-Rahman Ali, Sep 09

Manipulating Images with the Python Imaging Library

A. Hasan introduces the Python Imaging Library and Pillow, showing how to read and resize images, convert to grayscale and change image file formats.
SitePoint Offers, Sep 08

Giveaway: Win Tickets To The Oracle JavaOne Conference!

The Oracle JavaOne conference is right around the corner (October 25th-29th), and to get you pumped for the event, we’re giving away 40 free tickets! The conference, which is being held in San Francisco, is going to be part innovation, part exploration, and part celebration of Java’s 20 year history.

More Java Than Ever

Over 400 sessions are being offered this year, all taught by respective experts. If you want to explore a particular track, you can take the “Java and Security” track, “Emerging Languages” track, or one of the six other tracks. Or, you can explore by experience level or session type. Whatever your Java passion or pleasure, you can find it.


To celebrate Java’s 20th anniversary, Oracle executive and engineering experts will highlight memorable events that have taken place over the past 20 years, as well as forecast the future of Java. Using technical demonstrations, they’ll show how Java is, “...driving developer innovation, revolutionizing application development, and improving application services for the Internet of Things, enterprise architectures, and cloud computing.” The Java Community keynote will celebrate the phenomenal 20 year history of Java, as well as use creative onstage demos to showcase the work of Java community gurus.

Java Hub

Get up close and personal with the latest Java innovations at the Java Hub. javahub Want to improve the future of Java? Stop by the Hackergarten and contribute to your favorite open source project. Want to experience a hands-on demonstration of the power of Java technologies? Check out the MakerZone and see how Java is powering everything from game consoles to robots. Want to see the intersection of Java and art? Don’t miss myMatrix, an interactive community project by media artist Wolf Nkole Helzle. 3dmodeling Want to see exactly how 3D modeling and printing work? Watch an exact clone of “Duke” be taken from “birth” all the way to 3D printing. Want fresh coding tips from experienced developers? Don’t miss Nighthacking, where developers are interviewed and share coding tips. Want a great cup of coffee? Grab a cup at the Oracle Technology Network Community Cafe, and chat with your baristas about anything Java related.

Java for Kids

javaoneforkids Java isn’t just for adults! The JavaOne4Kids event wants to empower the next generation of programmers. With subjects like “Building An Arcade Game With Greenfoot” and “Minecraft Modding With Forge 1.8”, the event is a sure hit for young programmers. The event takes place Saturday, October 24th, and is geared for kids ages 10-18.

Duke's Cafe

Duke’s Cafe is a great place to grab a bite to eat, hang with friends, and maybe do a bit of hacking. There will be entertainment Monday -Thursday, and plenty of time and space for networking. Duke’s is your home away from home during JavaOne.

How to Win

SitePoint is partnering with Oracle to give away FORTY free tickets to the conference. To win a ticket to the conference, leave a comment below telling us how you’ll convince your boss to give you the week off for the conference. The best answers win. See you there!
Thomas Greco, Sep 07

How to Write Modular Code with Angular UI-Router & Named Views

Tom Greco explains how to take advantage of Angular UI Router's relative & absolute named routes, to write modular code you can reuse across your projects.
Alex Walker, Sep 07

The Trick to Writing Fun, Engaging Article Intros

Alex Walker explains what he looks for in an article intro and details how to write one for yourself together.
Design & UX
Adrienne Gross, Sep 04

Tips for Creating Accessible eLearning Resources

As more learning platforms move online – both government and private – the importance of keeping these systems open to all becomes even more pressing.
Ilya Bodrov-Krukowski, Sep 03

Watch: Mysteries of Eigenclasses in Ruby

Eigenclasses are probably one of the most mysterious and crucial parts of the Ruby object model. In this video I will reveal the mystery of eigenclasses.
Design & UX
Alex Walker, Sep 02

Does the New Google Logo Really Look Like Comic Sans?

While designers seem to like it, Google's new logo has been compared to Comic Sans in some quarters. Why are we seeing such a wide discrepancy in opinion?
Craig Buckler, Sep 02

Browser Trends September 2015: IE's Demise Edges Closer

Forgive the geeky title pun, but Craig looks at Edge's first full month in the browser chart. Can it supersede IE quickly and painlessly? Nah, probably not.
Shaumik Daityari, Sep 01

Managing Huge Repositories with Git

Shaumik examines ways to manage huge repositories with Git, including shallow cloning, cloning a single branch, using submodules and third-party extensions.
Ashraff Hathibelagal, Sep 01

Watch: Create a Bare-bones WordPress Theme from Scratch

In this screencast I am going to show you that with a little bit of HTML and PHP you can create a very simple but functional WordPress theme from scratch.
Brett Romero, Aug 28

Watch: Combining Dynamic Strings with Python

Dynamic and changeable parts combined with string. This is what concatenation is. Let's jump in and see how its done with Python.
Angela Molina, Aug 27

Those Who Can, Teach: An Interview with Guilherme Müller

A post Q&A chat with Guilherme Müller; a full stack developer and SitePoint Premium teacher.
Design & UX
Alex Walker, Aug 26

What Does Facebook, the Muppets & Paris Hilton Have in Common?

The Facebook Friends icon was telling a story from another era – until designer Caitlin Winner stepped in.
Jeff Smith, Aug 26

Getting Hired as a Developer: Tips from Senior Recruiters

Jeff Smith gives tips on resumes, portfolios, research & preparation for getting hired as a web dev, with expert advice from senior recruiters at Atlassian.
Elio Qoshi, Aug 25

Firefox 40: Profiling JavaScript Performance and More

Elio Qoshi reviews Firefox 40's new performance tools, optimizations for Windows 10, malware protection and add-on signing.
Web Dev @ Microsoft
Michael Palermo, Aug 25

10 Common Mistakes Web Developers Make

Microsoft's Michael Palermo reveals 10 of the most common pitfalls in web development, and gives quick tips on how to avoid them.
Tim Evko, Aug 25

Watch: Reviewing CSS Animation Performance

In this video we'll look at CSS animations, frame rates, and why some CSS properties are better to animate than others.
Lami Adabonyan, Aug 24

Watch: Fundamental PHP Arrays and Array Functions in PHP

In this screencast I'll walk you through 5 useful functions PHP provides to manipulate and extract data from arrays.
Parham Doustdar, Aug 24

Re-introducing PDO - the Right Way to Access Databases in PHP

Parham re-introduces PDO ahead of the PHP 7 launch, preparing you for a transition from the soon-to-be removed insecure and deprecated mysql extension!
Craig Buckler, Aug 23

What's the Best Programming Language to Learn in 2015?

Are you looking for a new challenge? Do you want to update your JavaScript skills? Craig reveals the languages which are in most demand for 2015.
Aja Frost, Aug 20

How to Network When You Live in the Middle of Nowhere

Brett Romero, Aug 20

Watch: Singleton Patterns in Swift

In this short video, we'll see how use Singleton Patterns, a powerful construct that lets you utilize classes without creating new instances each time.