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Make Working from Home Successful: Resources for Remote Teams

By SitePoint Team

If you’re a designer or developer, chances are you’ve made the shift to working from home in the past couple of weeks.

To help manage the change, we thought we’d share some of our best resources on working remotely — starting with some books…

The Art of Working Remotely

Cover: The Art of Working Remotely If you work from home, a co-working space, or coffee shop, this book is for you. Discover how to set up a quality workspace. Learn the behaviors and practices that contribute to remote worker success. You, too, can thrive in a distributed workplace.

Influencing Virtual Teams

Cover: Influencing Virtual Teams Learn the psychological secrets of persuasion that influence your remote employees to do what you need them to do. In “Influencing Virtual Teams” you’ll get step-by-step tactics that you can implement straightaway with your team to improve your team’s engagement and commitment to doing their work.

The Project Book

Cover: The Project Book Projects are the lifeblood of organizations, but many projects fall short of expectations because of poor project management and/or poor project sponsorship. In The Project Book, Colin D Ellis teaches you the skills and behaviors required to make your projects succeed, every time.


Remote Work: Tips, Tricks and Best Practices for Success

man typing at computer Make WFH a productive, happy work experience and avoid endless hours of misery, loneliness, and frustration.

The Real Future of Remote Work is Asynchronous

image of backpacker Kate Kendall looks at how remote work has drifted from its asynchronous potential – and what we can do to get it back there.

Productive Remote Work (When Your Mental Health Says “No”)

man typing on computer on bean bag Daniel Schwarz explores the downsides of remote work and offers tips for aligning your mind and body to make remote working work for you.

How to Prepare for a Remote Job Search

woman typing on a laptop at her desk Joshua Kraus explores how to conduct a remote job search, impress remote employers, nail interviews and land a remote job that best fits your needs.

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