This is How You Rolled Last Week

By Sarah Hawk
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I’m back for installment three of your weekly community roundup. This is what you’re talking about at the moment…

First up is a big one. After months of blood, sweat and tears, we launched our new logo last week. Alex and Harley not only did a stellar job of the updated logo itself, they also put together a really great article outlining the process that they went through. As is always the way with rebranding, some of you loved it

and some of you didn’t love it quite so much.

Fair enough – you can’t please all of the people all of the time. As long as you still enjoy our content, then we can live with a little negativity.

Unfortunately, due to an Amazon outage on Friday I wasn’t able to run my weekly ‘Caption This!’ here on but our Facebook friends had a good go at it, and Jon Edwards won my heart with this entry on the right:

Things have been fairly quiet on the Twitter front this week. You must all be too busy working. I tried to stir things up a bit by giving away a free copy of one of our latest releases, jQuery: Novice to Ninja 2nd Ed and the winner was @D_mitar for this tweet:

I need a light comedy book to read on the beach, jquery ninjas sounds like it fits the bill


If Facebook Likes are anything to go by, then your favourite posts of the last couple of weeks have been the hoops that our ex-Online Editor Aaron Osteraas (who left us last Friday for a new job) has been making our Friday wine delivery guy jump through. A couple of weeks ago he had him drawing dinosaurs, and last week things got even sillier. Check this one out.

And on that note I’m going to sign off for the week, but I’ll be back with more community antics next week. Ciao.

We teamed up with SiteGround
To bring you the latest from the web and tried-and-true hosting, recommended for designers and developers. SitePoint Readers Get Up To 65% OFF Now
  • Jim

    I like the caption, but I do have a minor quibble. Spiderman is an individual, unique in name and abilities, rather than a collection of traits that could apply to anyone. As such, I would argue that the appropriate definition would be “#spiderman” instead of “.spiderman”. ;-)

  • @Jim – Believe it or not, I actually did think about that… But then I realised that Spiderman has actually had several incarnations, including: Spiderman, The Amazing Spiderman, The Spectacular Spiderman, Symbiote (Black Suit) Spiderman, and then – of course – the movie version of Spiderman, where his web actually comes out of glands in his wrists rather than web cartridges…

    So, my thought was that one could use the following, depending on which incarnation you’d prefer:

    .spiderman.amazing {}
    .spiderman.spectacular {}
    .spiderman.symbiote {} {}

    You might argue that one could go #spiderman.amazing, but this would also be incorrect, as there was a 1995 comic version of “Spiderman VS Spiderman 2099”. Spiderman 2099 is Miguel O’Hara, not Peter Parker. So, in fact, there could be two Spidermans / Spidermen in the same setting – hence a class, not an ID.

    Jim, there’s some fantastic books on CSS available from SitePoint – you should check out the bookstore. :)

    Haters gonna hate.

    Thanks for the e-book, ^Hawk.

  • Good point Jim, there would never be two instances of Spiderman on the same wall, might as well use an ID selector. He’s in a class of his own though….

    Love the drop shadows on the new Logo, how big a decision was that? Are they back in? ;)

    • It’s funny. The drop shadows were a HUGE decision. One designer was totally anti, the other couldn’t live without them. He won. To be honest, I’m totally in the pro camp. I love them and I reckon the make it. So there. ;)