RC9au – The Lake

By Aaron Osteraas

If there was ever a time in my life, and I have to be honest, there’s been a few of these times, that I have said to myself “I need a real camera”, then today has really sung through.

After my last post, I ran downstairs, had a cold shower (not ideal, ever.), the trekked to the airport. There were lagers flowing around the place, eventually the bus came and we hopped on.

The moment I realized I needed a real camera

We stopped at Lennox Head, which is where I found out the camp was, quite literally, just up the road. It’s a really lovely place. If you get the chance you should visit, it is a very quiet and relaxed place.

Le Beach

And this is what developers do in their spare time at a dev camp.

Chess a la Le Dev

When we eventually got there, we were greeted by a BBQ

Le Dev BBQ

And the Lake and said Guide

As flat as Glass

Outer Pages

Le Inner Pages

I figure that, given how many people are here, there’s about $175k AUD of MacBooks here.

As I said, I need a real camera.

And finally, for tonight anyway, here’s Ryan Bigg. He was voted to be one of the Ruby heroes this year.

Ryan Bigg. He's writing a book at the moment.

More on RailsCamp tomorrow, hangover notwithstanding, interviews with developers, withstanding. I’ve met a lot of super funny people this night and afternoon. First up is an interview with Kirill, a lad from Ukraine.

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