Lessons from an Elance Pro Part II

Andrew Neitlich

This is a follow up to the Elance Pro blog a few entries ago.

I have a second project, similar to the one that the Elance Pro just did for me. He once again impresses me with his ability to close business. Here is how it worked:

1. I sent him specifications for the project.

2. This morning when I hit the computer, he instant messaged me immediately to thank me for the specs.

3. He asked me my budget for the project. I told him that it should be less than the site he just did for me. He agreed and suggested a ballpark. I agreed to that. He asked if I could start today; I told him early next week.

4. Now it gets interesting. He asked me if he wanted me to have him post the project for him. I said sure.

5. So he posted the project on my behalf and awarded it to himself!

This action not only “closed the deal” for him, but did two other things:

1. He saves 4.75% on elance fees by doing this on a repeat project.

2. He is able to automatically invoice me for half the project fees right away.

So with a brief IM conversation, this developer managed to close a second project. I love that kind of speed and efficiency!