Big News: Introducing SitePoint Premium

By Simon Julian
We teamed up with SiteGround
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SitePoint Premium Launch

We know you need content to keep you at the top of your game. At SitePoint, our focus is on helping you be the best developer you can be.

That’s why we’re proud to announce SitePoint Premium, a membership subscription for web developers. It’s everything you love about SitePoint, plus:

  • Access to the full library of SitePoint ebooks
  • Hundreds of videos on topics like HTML media, Swift, React, Git, and Ruby.
  • The entire library of A Book Apart and UX Mastery titles
  • Exclusive Q&A sessions with the best developers in the business
  • To celebrate, we’re giving away a free t-shirt to the first 200 people who sign up for SitePoint Premium.


SitePoint Premium T-Shirt

As a team, we’re always focused on providing the best web development and design resources for our community. SitePoint Premium is a new way for us to create the content you need most. What would you like to learn? You can choose our next areas of focus right over here.

Wait, what about Learnable?

If you’re a regular SitePoint reader, you might have seen promotions for Learnable, our online learning platform. As SitePoint grows, we’ve decided to bring Learnable under the SitePoint umbrella and expand our community, proving more and better content, better integration of our services (like Versioning, the Forums, SitePoint Articles and Premium) and, more importantly, a better and more consistent experience for our members.

Current Learnable members have full access to SitePoint Premium, as well as to the rest of the growing SitePoint community.

We’re so proud of what SitePoint’s hundreds of contributors are building. What do you think? What else would you like us to create?

We teamed up with SiteGround
To bring you the latest from the web and tried-and-true hosting, recommended for designers and developers. SitePoint Readers Get Up To 65% OFF Now
  • Can you guys, like, make a place for kind web folk to share and discuss stuff relevant to tech, dev, design…

    …wait nevermind.


    Loves it.

  • This is awesome!

    I love how SitePoint is always pushing for us all web professionals to become better at out craft.

    I’m honored to be a SItePoint Ambassador :)

    SP m/

    • OphelieLechat

      Thanks Ricardo :)

  • Ashley Roux

    Forgive me for sounding so cheap, but all I’m hearing hear is that we will now be charged for stuff we used to have access to (ebooks aside)?

    Also does this affect versioning? I am not 100% sure what the relationship is there.

    • OphelieLechat

      Hi Ashley! None of the free content is going away — we’re still publishing 30+ free articles and videos a week, and the forums (and Versioning!) are still free. SitePoint Premium is a way to get access to content that has always been paid (SitePoint books, books from our publishing partners, video courses) all in one place.

  • sandeep pathak

    Thank you Ophelie/sitepoint, sitepoint premium is almost everything what developer needs. I’m honored to be a SItePoint Ambassador :)

  • Chris Ward

    Love the idea to and look forward to how we can expand it in the future :)

  • Hagar Romeu

    I hope that you don’t make the same mistakes that Tuts+ made. I canceled my Tuts+ sub because they went to the wrong direction. I like SitePoint so much, you only need to say more clear (and not so fast) in videos for those that don’t speak English natively. I’ll give you a chance. =)

    • OphelieLechat

      Thanks for the chance Hagar — we won’t let you down :) You can always send us feedback at, by the way, or just get in touch with me directly ( for content feedback.

  • mchampa

    So, existing Learnable members are now Sitepoint Premium members…or is there some other difference between the two?

    • There is no difference. SitePoint unified its offerings from a branding perspective (and more I’m sure). Learnable is no more, SitePoint Premium is the new name :)

  • Eno

    I’m a fairly new fully paid up member of Learnable but I don’t quite get what the benefits are to me as a Learnable subscriber now with Sitepoint Prmium, it looks the same as before.

    • OphelieLechat

      Hi Eno! Glad you’re already a SitePoint Premium member. You’re right that it looks largely the same as before right now, but there are more improvements coming. Most importantly, none of what you loved about Learnable is going away — we’ll just be adding more into the mix.

  • Have been loving Learnable and excited to get moved over to Sitepoint premium. I have a couple questions though as one of the migrated users.

    1. As existing paid users do we get the T-shirt? Or is it only for new members? Not upset at all if it is only for new members, just figured I would ask if I can get a cool T-shirt :-)

    2. I had an old existing Sitepoint account and wondering if there is a way to eventually merge them. Again not a big deal if I can’t because there wasn’t much under my existing account since I didn’t use it too much but could be cool just for “original join date” or something.

    Thanks guys, keep on being awesome!

    • OphelieLechat

      Happy to have you on board Adam! :)

      To answer your questions…

      1. The t-shirts are for new members, but we might be able to arrange something for existing users. Email me?

      2. At the moment we’ve got a bunch of different accounts for each user — SitePoint Forums, which is probably what you’re referring to, SitePoint Premium, Versioning, and Disqus to comment. We want to merge all of these into one central SitePoint account, so yes, we will be able to do this for you at some point. You’ll get your original join date cred!

      • Hey Ophelie, I’m a current Learnable (now Sitepoint Premium) member and would love a t-shirt as well, e-mailing you right now to ask for further details and congrats on the move! ;-)

  • Congrats! Keep it up guys!

    • OphelieLechat

      Thanks Daniel!

  • Hi,
    Great to see that SitePoint gathered all the resources in one place under one brand. I’m a long time user of Learnable even when it was SitePoint. Since I don’t constantly use the tutorials currently my account on pause in new SitePoint Premium. I love that feature. very useful.

  • Sorry for posting another comment. Seems like the purchased courses can be accessed even if I’m in the pause mode. However a bigger issue I see now is, I can’t access the courses I’ve already completed anymore, as it gives you the options to get the certificate or review the course only.

    I’m sure everybody wants to go back to the courses they have purchased once and refer them again. This is essential for the users I believe. Can SitePoint look in to this please?
    Thanking you.

    • OphelieLechat

      Hi Riyaz! If I understand correctly, you want to be able to refer to a course you’ve already taken (or were in the process of taking when you started your pause) without resuming membership, right? We don’t currently support that, since pause is binary (actively accessing membership content or on pause, with no in-between). If there’s something in particular you want to review, email our support team and they will be happy to help!

      • Hi Ophelie,

        Thanks for the kind reply. I don’t know if this is do with the membership pause or not. But, what I tried was to go back to a course which I’ve already finished (100 %) and tried to play it back to go through some of the chapters again so I can refresh my memory. I was not given a chance to do that except I can review (give points) it or claim a certificate of that particular course.

        The course was a purchased one. And I was able to finish it only once after I purchased it, and now unable to replay it. That’s my concern.


  • This is pretty awesome! SitePoint has proven to be really helpful throughout the years as I built up my skills from a beginner to Full Stack WP Develper.

  • YourWebGirl

    Way to go SitePoint!!! I have been using Sitepoint books since the beginning of my Web Dev career. I have had access to Learnable, and its wealth of information, for a little over a year now. For the past 4 years I have been employed by global IT company (Partly thanks to you guys) as 1 of a team of 250+ Web Developers worldwide. I will be suggesting, strongly, that my colleagues either get or that my company give access to SitePoint Premium to all of our developers, as a trusted resource for continued self-training and education. By the way, I would love a T-shirt as well!! :)

  • Leo

    Thanks, do I qualify for a T-shirt? :D

  • Sitepoint learning platforms are always great.

  • payskin

    Want to impress me? Bring back @rssaddict, @ssegraves, @ifroggy, @sentience and @williamsba to a table and put a microphone in the middle. I so much miss Sitepoint podcast! :)