Big News: Introducing SitePoint Premium

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SitePoint Premium Launch

We know you need content to keep you at the top of your game. At SitePoint, our focus is on helping you be the best developer you can be.

That’s why we’re proud to announce SitePoint Premium, a membership subscription for web developers. It’s everything you love about SitePoint, plus:

  • Access to the full library of SitePoint ebooks
  • Hundreds of videos on topics like HTML media, Swift, React, Git, and Ruby.
  • The entire library of A Book Apart and UX Mastery titles
  • Exclusive Q&A sessions with the best developers in the business
  • To celebrate, we’re giving away a free t-shirt to the first 200 people who sign up for SitePoint Premium.


SitePoint Premium T-Shirt

As a team, we’re always focused on providing the best web development and design resources for our community. SitePoint Premium is a new way for us to create the content you need most. What would you like to learn? You can choose our next areas of focus right over here.

Wait, what about Learnable?

If you’re a regular SitePoint reader, you might have seen promotions for Learnable, our online learning platform. As SitePoint grows, we’ve decided to bring Learnable under the SitePoint umbrella and expand our community, proving more and better content, better integration of our services (like Versioning, the Forums, SitePoint Articles and Premium) and, more importantly, a better and more consistent experience for our members.

Current Learnable members have full access to SitePoint Premium, as well as to the rest of the growing SitePoint community.

We’re so proud of what SitePoint’s hundreds of contributors are building. What do you think? What else would you like us to create?

Simon JulianSimon Julian
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Simon was the GM and Head of Business at SitePoint, and a mentor at INCUBATE.

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