Share Your Christmas Wishes and Win!

Adam Roberts

Let’s face it: Christmas shopping is awful.

No-one knows what to get anyone else, and so days or weeks of research are needed. Anxiety levels quickly go through the roof as everyone struggles to work out what gift they’ll get for their family, significant other, or friends. Some people are easy, with personal interests that lend themselves to obvious gifts. Others are a bit more tricky, with very specific tastes you can spend hours stressing to appeal to.

No-one wants to receive a disappointing gift, and no-one wants to be that person who provides such a gift.

It’s always easier if someone comes to you with a request for what they want Santa to bring them. That way, on the big day you’ll know they’re happy with what they receive, and you’ll be happy you didn’t waste time, money or energy chasing after stuff you even weren’t sure they wanted.

We Want Your Christmas Ideas

We’re wanting to cut out some of this stress, and rustle up some ideas for what you developers, designers and web folk want to help you create awesome internet things. If you’re not sure what to ask for, or not sure what to give the developer in your life, we can help.

Over the course of 2014 we’ve covered some amazing new products, from PhpStorm’s excellent new version, to Braintree’s amazing payment platform, to Slack, a great way to collaborate with teams.

Whether it’s something physical, like an Arduino or an Android phone, or a software package, like an Adobe Creative Cloud plan or a PhpStorm license, we want to know what would make your Christmas truly merry.

Comment and Win

If you comment below with your favorite Christmas present, you’ll have a chance to win a free year on Learnable, our learning platform. Down the line, we may even use your suggestions for another promotion, so you could even win twice. Who can say?

So: get involved, share your Christmas wish below, and (maybe) get an early present from us!