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20 Flash-like jQuery Plugins

By Sam Deering



😳 Ever felt a little embarassed sharing your JavaScript? Let's fix it.

20 Flash-like jQuery Plugins to help you give Flash a horrible death! Impressive flash-like JavaScript Animation Inspirations, tutorials and plugins. jQuery and mootools, a lot other frameworks that designed to enhance the animation abilities have emerged. Now, we can use create impressive javascript animation easily and your visitors just wouldn’t able to tell the differences. I hope you will get something new from this post. Enjoy!

1. jParallax Plugin

jParallax, turns a selected element into a ‘window’, or viewport, and all its children into absolutely positioned layers that can be seen through the viewport. These layers move in response to the mouse, and, depending on their dimensions.

2. FxQueues Plugin

This plugin was based on a script John Resig sometime ago. Scope stuff, new example page and some unit tests has been added. Needs improvement, but is a good start.

3. jsAnim – Free JavaScript Animation Library

Powerful, yet easy to use library for adding impressive animations to websites, without sacrificing standards or accessibility.

4. $fx

A compact, lightweight Javascript Library for animation. CSS properties adjustment along a time line. Parallel effect sets and effect chains. Extended set of callbacks to adjust behavior.

5. GX

Full-featured, cross-browser, super-tiny (10kb uncompressed) Javascript Animations Framework. Using GX you can create complex animations working with every w3c CSS property.

6. Glimmer

jQuery’s support for animations is amazing. Glimmer makes it easy to create standards-based, custom animations that can work directly with your existing HTML and CSS.

7. Magic

A simple JavaScript framework.

8. Simulate Gravity with jQuery

Visual effects on web pages are becoming more and more effective thanks to framework like jQuery. The idea of being able to adjust the look of a page with a click or a button gives the user a bit of extra interaction.

9. Building an Animated Cartoon Tobot

Useful as a miniature ship in a bottle. Yet it does have an underlying purpose. It could inspire someone to look beyond the perceived constraints of web designers and developers.

10. Flashy Intro with jQuery Animation

Before, almost every website has a Flash intro or header that makes you wait in… forever. Now more and more people are using jQuery’s animation function to make their sites interesting.

11. How to Make an Impressive Animated Landscape Header with jQuery

In this tutorial we’ll start with a cartoon themed header, build two different states for content and animate a transition between them using jQuery.

12. Animated Sharing Bar With jQuery & CSS

Fed with the old share buttons and its performance and appearance? This tutorial is the one you wouldn’t want to miss.

13. jQuery Tutorials for Designers

Contains 10 visual tutorials intended for web designers and newbie on how to apply Javascript effects with jQuery. In case you don’t know about jQuery, it is a “write less, do more” JavaScript library.

14. LavaLamp for jQuery lovers!

Flash menu bar to attract your visitors is not enough when talking about flash players. Try this tutorial that make some navigational bar animation when you rolls your mouse over the menu.

15. jQuery Hover Sub Tag Cloud

Old wordpress plugins that shows the tag clouds of your articles so boring nowadays. It’s time for you to make your own tag cloud. Try this tutorial.

16. How to Load In and Animate Content with jQuery

In this tutorial you will learn how to make your average everyday Website and enhancing it with jQuery. Learn adding Ajax functionality so that the content loads into the relevant container instead of the user having to navigate to another page.

17. Adding to Our Leopard Desktop with jQuery

Learn Leopard Desktop without showing it to your webpage. Try this tutorial and make your visitors to feel something different when they visit your webpage.

18. liScroll (a jQuery News Ticker made easy)

Just Look at this simple tutorial for making a simple scroll bar for your Webpage. Since it’s a simple tutorial, you can definitely learn the basic things of jQuery.

19. Sliding menu using jQuery

Bored with plain menu bar? Then you should take a look at this tutorial. This will help you to create a Sliding menu bar using our jQuery.

20. Sexy Drop Down Menu w/ jQuery & CSS

If you want to get your visitor interested in your webpage make some attractions. Make a navigation menu that is organized and well-structured.

Sam Deering has 15+ years of programming and website development experience. He was a website consultant at Console, ABC News, Flight Centre, Sapient Nitro, and the QLD Government and runs a tech blog with over 1 million views per month. Currently, Sam is the Founder of Crypto News, Australia.

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