I'm new to PHP and MySQL and am trying to write PHP pages for my site http://www.webmasterswork.com

Ya see, what I want to do is have a person first register with my site. Their username, password and email address gets stored in the db. Once their registered I would like to store that session in a cookie on their computer until they log out. I want it setup in such a way that if someone bookmarks a page and try going back to it, it checks the cookie for the session_id and if they don't match it loads the login form.

Am I asking too much of myself as a newbie to PHP do you think.

That's just the tip of the iceberg. Once I get that part up and running i'm hoping to allow members to choose what job types they would like to receive notice of via email and when they revisit and login.

Then i'm hoping to add an area where members can setup both a portfolio and resume on my site.

Do you guys think I should maybe get someone more experienced in PHP to help me?

Any advice will be greatly appreciated