I have started a little project for the work of an Animal Control Officer. I am trying to create a site that coveres everything from towns licensing, to ACO field reporting, to shelter organization. I have started with the licenseing part of things. By the way this will be one site for the whole state. Anyway I have the scripts and database setup for this one part. and it works! but now I am looking for something that will organize my scripts and provide user permission controls. I would like to set this up with one user system. Everyone, ACO's, town clerks, shelter employees, police, ect. can login on the same page and have access to thier respective areas. I also need a way to set permissions for my scripts so I need to be able to pass the user data into my scripts with the group and permission level.

http://www.heroframework.com/ This looks like a very possable solution. I am basically looking for any input or any ideas. I spend more time on the internet looking for scripts and other ways to do thing. I want to make everything the best it can be.

PS. I am a self taught coder and still learning. I really like things with examples I can mess with. I tend to learn best when I break things.

thanks, in advance!