I'm 25 years old and a Software Engineering graduate from an American university. I've been a PHP web developer for the past 4 years full time. Most of my experience has been with freelance/consulting work.

i recently applied for the Australian Migration program from a local agency. The agency is very well reputed with high success rates (due to their good client assessments and paperwork reviews, and not snake oil ) and they told me i'll probably get a PR for my Linux admin experience.

My Linux admin skills are intermediate but i'm quite well versed with PHP, JS/css/HTML, MySQL5 etc.

I've been looking around at Australian job sites and haven't found many PHP jobs. That's got me a bit worried. i don't mind taking a reduce income for a while, but i have dependants back home and not much savings.

So how is the Php job market in Sydney and Melbourne? What salaries can i expect as a mid level engineer? Or is it better to work as a junior Linux admin to prep up my Linux skills?

I want to improve my skills by doing more Linux programming in the future, and making more sophisticated web apps with lots of disparate technologies. But, i need a decent pay due to the above necessities.

Can you experienced developers (or others ) share your thoughts.

Thanks guys/gals!