Hello all,

I'm new here! I'm also very new to Ruby. Learning Ruby from the web from various sources.

Anyway, I'm trying to practice some Ruby code, and so I wrote a small script. Though it's nothing special, but it's not working out. What my script does is to check to see if a directory is exist when a user enter a directory name -- then print something, if not then create a directory. Unfortunately, the directory got created but with a questionmark behind the directory. When trying to use Dir.delete, it's obvious that it's something wrong because the directory that the script just created won't be able to delete. It's all because of the directory got attached with a question mark makes it seems like it's a totally different directory. I don't get this! Anyway, I don't want to post the whole script here, but I attach the script at pastie[.]org/410753.

Help anyone? Thanks...