Im jumping in at the deep end with Ruby on Rails and looking for some design advice,Im trying to write a simple game where a player will be given a scenario and then a few options to choose from.

Based on whatever option they choose they will be presented with a new scenario and a different set of options and so on.

I want to give points for correct choices and detract points for wrong choices.

For example

Bare with me for being long-winded!

Scenario 1: You are stuck in a sweet shop starving of hunger.

Choices: Do you
A:Eat all the sweets around you.

So I was thinking of having a table called Story which would have fields as below.

Fields |
Scenario number |1
Scenario detail |You are stuck in a sweet shop starving of hunger.
Correct A |Eat all the sweets around you.
Correct B |
Wrong A |Starve
Wrong B |
Wrong C |

If the user then selects the option that maps to a the Correct A colum the next row in Story is displayed i.e Scenario 2.

If selection = Correct user will get 3 points.
If selection = Wrong user will get -2 points.

I know this sort of functionality could be achieved in simple HTML, using a link to progres to a different page, but I think this would be a framework for a more managable and scalable game.

So my question to you is, am I over complicating things and are there better solutions?

Any advice greatly appreciated!