simply rails 2, chapter 7, p.243 the second stories_controller_test.rb is:

def test_should_show_story_votes_elements
get :show, :id => storiesone)
assert_select 'h2 span#vote_score'
assert_select 'ul#vote_history li', :count => 2
assert_select 'div#vote_form form'

when the rake test run it shows failure on the bold marked line. here it is:

1) Failure:
troller/assertions/selector_assertions.rb:296:in `assert_select'
./test/functional/stories_controller_test.rb:46:in `test_should_show_story_
support/testing/default.rb:7:in `run']:
Expected at least 2 elements matching "ul#vote_history li", found 0.
<false> is not true.

the puzling thing about it is that it shows well on the browser, and 'shoving' the story again and again show well new scores and a refreshed vote_history list.

what is wrong here? any body knows?